Holiday Activities

9th Annual Holiday Lighting Contest

Here are the entries for our 9th Annual Holiday Lighting Contest! Make sure to check out the holiday lights in your neighborhood!


  • 525 E Blue Springs Ave
  • 520 E Oakwood Ave
  • 307 S Oak Ave
  • 451 E French Ave
  • 200 N Oak Ave
  • 1833 Monastery Road
  • 200 E Rose Ave
  • 628 Sumner Ave
  • 315 W University Ave
  • 435 Dixson St
  • 585 W Lansdowne Ave
  • 636 Heather Lane
  • 930 Tappan Circle
  • 972 Regatta Bay Dr #101
  • 715 Fairlawn Dr
  • 667 N Leavitt Ave

Members of the Historic Preservation Board will visit the entries to choose the winners of the following categories:

  1. Best Use of Color
  2. Most Innovative
  3. Best Overall

Good luck everyone!

Christmas Light Experience

Beginning December 4 and lasting through the end of the year, drive or walk along on Holly Ave, beginning at Blue Springs Ave and ending at University Ave, to view the Christmas lights! 


Santa through the Neighborhoods

In a partnership with the North Pole, the Orange City Fire Department has made arrangements for Santa to make an appearance in Orange City neighborhoods from December 4 through December 6. Due to his hectic schedule, Santa will not stop but will drive by waving and wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas. Santa will begin his journey each night at 5:30 p.m. and end at approximately 7:00 pm. Merry Christmas from the Orange City Council and the Orange City Fire Department!

Due to the size of the fire truck, Santa will only be visiting certain streets within the city limits of Orange City.  A complete list of streets is below.


Friday, December 4th – Northeast Orange City – beginning at 5:30 pm

E Wisconsin Ave                                              N Thorpe Ave

Columbus Ave                                                 N Orange Ave

E Oakwood Ave                                               N Leavitt Ave

E Lansdowne Ave                                            Sumner Ave

Pineapple Ave                                                 N Pine Ave

E French Ave                                                   S Holly Ave

E University Ave                                              Trafford Ave

E Graves Ave                                                   Edwards Ave

E Blue Springs Ave                                          Clements Ave

E Ohio Ave                                                       S Ada Ave

E Rose Ave                                                       S Leavitt Ave


Saturday, December 5th – Northwest Orange City – beginning at 5:30 pm

W Wisconsin Ave                                            Harrison Ave

W Lansdowne Ave                                          W Blue Springs Ave

W French Ave                                                  Lynn Ave

Howard Ave                                                    Plum Dr

W Central Ave                                                 W Ohio Ave

W Graves Ave                                                  S Sparkman Ave

Dixson St                                                         S Carpenter Ave

Patlin Ave                                                        S Park Ave

Brighthwood Ave                                            W Virginia Ave

Brooklyn Ave                                                   Heather Ln

Montclair Ave                                                 May St

W Pine St                                                         Garden Lane

Tappin Circle                                                   Latern Lane

Park Dr                                   


Sunday, December 6th – South Orange City – beginning at 5:30 pm

Aspen Ave                                                       Birch Ave        

Cedar Ave                                                        Dogwood Ave

S Carpenter Ave                                              W Elm Dr

W Fern Dr                                                       W Gardenia    

W Holly Ave                                                    E Holly Dr

E Iris Dr                                                           Glazebrook Loop

Laurel Leaf                                                      Iris Ct

Willow Crest                                                   White Birch

Parc Hill Blvd                                                   Big Bend Ave

Veterans Memorial Pky                                  Harley Strickland

Enterprise Rd                                                  Fawn Ridge


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