Sponsorship Policy and Application

The City of Orange City proudly supports our community and the organizations that improve it.  We provide this support through a select number of events and programs that are consistent with the City of Orange City Strategic Plan.

We have created a procedure that will help make the application process as efficient as possible and assure that the sponsorship we provide is going to those most in need.  Filling out the application form will help us better understand your request, how well you meet the criteria and determine how best we can assist your organization.

Sponsorship Request
Sponsorship Policy and Procedures (PDF)
Strategic Plan (PDF)
Sponsorship Application Form (PDF)

Sponsorship Meetings

2024 Meetings
February 22nd 2024


If you have any questions regarding the sponsorship policy and procedures or sponsorship application, please contact our PIO at [email protected] or 386-775-5410.

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