Good Citizenship Award

Good Citizenship Award

The Good Citizenship Award program recognizes people who go above and beyond for their community. Frequently people volunteer in various ways to make Orange City a better place to live, work, and play while receiving no acknowledgment for their work. The city recognizes that the strength of a community is dependent upon a strong network of citizens who devote time and effort to improve the quality of life by helping others.

Good Citizenship Award Nomination Form

General Guidelines

Nominations for the Good Citizenship Award are accepted throughout the year and reviewed by the City Council quarterly. Nominees need only be nominated once to be considered for the award. The number of nominations received for each individual shall bear no weight on Council’s selection. Nominations shall be kept on file for one year (365 days) from receipt. Elected officials may not receive the award.


Award recipients may reside in or outside the city limits. Additionally, eligible recipients (individuals, couples or groups/organizations) should meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated exceptional volunteer service that shows a dedication to making Orange City a great place to live, work, play or learn.
  • Made a positive difference in a fellow citizen’s life or has demonstrated a care and concern for Orange City and its residents.
  • Worked with or organized other individuals to solve a problem in Orange City or has a mission to better Orange City in a positive way.
  • Displayed the qualities of honesty, integrity & service and is an example to Orange City residents.

Nomination Process

Nominations may be submitted any time using the online nomination form. On a quarterly basis, the City Manager’s Office will prepare an item for Council’s consideration and selection of the next award recipient.

Council may use their discretion to select one nominee, multiple nominees or to not select any nominees. The nominator/nominee is not required to attend the City Council meeting where their nomination is being considered.

Nominations may be made by any individual so long as the nominee meets the criteria/eligibility listed above. Members of the City Council are encouraged to submit nominations.  Nomination forms must be complete in order to be considered by the City Council.


The City Council will review nominations at a city council meeting and select a winner(s) of the award.  Winners of the Good Citizenship Award shall be invited to attend a special meeting held prior to an upcoming Council Meeting. Awards will be given in the form of a certificate, signed by the Mayor, as well as recognition on the city’s website and social media pages. A reception will follow the certificate presentation.

Previous Recipients

West Volusia Dream Center
James Wurst
Michael Stridacchio
Chuck Cowburn

US Army – Deland Recruiting Station
John McMullen
Nereida Williamson
Linda Luce

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