Septic to Sewer Conversion Program

The City of Orange City is pleased to announce a new program created to help protect and restore one of Florida’s most treasured natural resources, Volusia Blue Spring. The City of Orange City is in the process of applying for funding assistance to connect to sewer designated eligible properties with septic systems. If approved,  the funding will help in covering typical sewer connection costs for properties. It is expected that the customers listed in the future sewer expansion area (link below) will have reduced costs to connect.

The Septic to Sewer Conversion Program is currently open to property owners listed below. Interested parties should email [email protected].

Final Order for BMAP Plan Determination

Learn more about septic tanks and our environment at the Save our Springs and Rivers site.

Reclaimed Water Connection

Eligible properties also have the option to connect to reclaimed water. Reclaimed water is treated wastewater and is not suitable for drinking; however, it’s great for irrigation. It costs less than potable water and you are not charged a sewer fee based on reclaimed water use. The cost to connect to reclaimed water is not covered through the septic to sewer conversion program.  This cost would need to be paid for by the property owner.  Even if you do not want to participate in the Septic to Sewer Conversion Program, you can connect to reclaimed water.

Benefits of Reclaimed Water

Reclaimed water contains nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) that can be considered part of the fertilizer needs of the landscape. This reduces the amount of nutrients needed for a “green” lawn.  Lowering the amount of commercial nutrients added to your yard reduces negative impacts to your water system and Blue Spring.  It is also less expensive alternative irrigation water at only $2.24 per 1k gallons.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Septic to Sewer Conversion Program

 Why did the City start this program?

Septic tanks are designed to protect public health but not the environment. Expanding sewer service is part of the City’s overall goal of protecting the environment; especially Blue Spring.

Learn more about septic tanks and our environment at the Save our Springs and Rivers site.

Why should I connect?

Connecting to sewer will help the environment by reducing nutrients that are getting into the groundwater. It will also help relieve the customer of the burden of septic tank maintenance by having the City manage wastewater for you. Once you convert to City’s sewer, you will not have to worry about fixing your onsite septic tank for proper wastewater collection.  The City will take care of collecting your sewer, which will be sent to a wastewater treatment facility in Volusia County to be treated at higher standards and recycled to protect the environment.

Connecting customers to sewer is part of the City’s Project Blue Spring plan which is a comprehensive program to protect both water resources and public health. Orange City is within the Priority Focus Area of the Blue Spring Springshed. This is an area which has been identified by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to be given a higher level of protection due to high levels of nitrogen affecting the ecosystem.

If your septic tank malfunctions, the Department of Health will require you connect to existing City’s sewer collection system.  Grant funding is limited and may not be available to you in the near future. If you have to abandon your septic tank and connect to the sewer at a later time, it may create a financial burden as a property owner.

 What would it cost me to connect?

The City has obtained cost-share funding to help with costs for the first customers in the area identified on map.  For typical sewer connections, these first customers may have no costs to connect.  An estimated septic to sewer connection cost was submitted for grant funding.  To learn more about available funding assigned to your property call 386-851-7543.

What if I decide not to connect now and instead connect sometime in the future?

When sewer is available, customers can connect any time they choose. However, there may not be any financial assistance in the future. As per the Department of Health Rules (64-E-6.005 and Chapter 381.00655), if your septic tank fails and there is a City maintained sewer connection available, you must connect to the available publicly owned sewerage system.

How would connecting affect my monthly water utility bill?

Sewer customers within the City will pay a monthly sewer charge based on water usage.

Current utility rates effective until October 1, 2022:

  • Base rate charge of $28.01 which is billed monthly, regardless of usage, plus
  • $9.65 per 1k gallons used, with a cap at 9k gallons.

These calculations are for sewer only and do not include potable water base rate or use charges. For a cost estimate, please email [email protected].

If I decide to connect, when would I be connected?

The City is currently in the early phase of the program and reaching out to potential customers. Design is underway for the connections and once completed, qualified plumbers will be identified by the City to be used for the septic system abandonment and service connections. The City’s goal is to start this summer, 2021.

If I want to connect, what would I have to do?
To expedite matters, please complete the Septic to Sewer Form and email the completed form to [email protected]. You may also call 386-851-7543.

Who can I contact if I have any further questions?

Please email your questions to [email protected] or call 386-851-7543.

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