Request a Streetlight Repair

Residents are encouraged to report malfunctioning streetlights that they find throughout the city. Contact Duke Energy to report, by either submitting an online streetlight repair request on their website,  or by calling 800-700-8744.

You will need the following information:

-Your contact information

-Location/Address of Light – If address is unknown, use the street name of the closest intersection.

-ID number on the pole – The pole ID number is normally located 2 – 7 feet off the ground on the pole. Duke Energy will be able to identify the exact streetlight.

-What is wrong – You will need to select what is wrong with the streetlight: light out, light on during day, cycling on and off, broken globe, etc.

To Request Trimming Tree Branches

For Trimming Tree branches from Power Lines, contact your service provider directly because power lines are not maintained by the City.

Duke Energy contact for tree trimming information (800)700-8744 .

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