Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Unit provides for the public health, safety, comfort, morals, and welfare of Orange City through code compliance.

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Contact Information:

Orange City Police Department
Community Improvement Unit
207 N. Holly Ave.
Orange City, FL 32763

Lieutenant Sherif El-Shami – [email protected]
Phone: (386) 775-9999
Fax: (386) 775-5481

Officer Carrie Byers – [email protected]
Phone: (386) 775-9999
Fax: (386) 775-5481




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The unit is committed to serve residents and businesses through teamwork and understanding in a professional and efficient manner.

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PLEASE NOTE: Letters or e-mails reporting possible violations may be subject to public disclosure. Under 162.06(1)(b), F.S., a code inspector may not initiate enforcement proceedings for a potential violation of a duly enacted code or ordinance by way of an anonymous complaint. A person who reports a potential violation of a code or an ordinance must provide his or her name and address to the respective local government before an enforcement proceeding may occur. Working together, we can maintain the quality of our neighborhoods, and ensure the health & safety of our residents.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I obtain a copy of a City Ordinance?

The City Clerk’s office may assist you or you may review the Codes online.

Why do I see City employees removing some and not all signs near the roadway? It seems the City favors political and real estate signs by allowing them to remain.

It is a violation of the City Code to post any sign on a utility pole, tree, or right-of-way. The right-of-way area is typically the area from the road to such things as sidewalks, utility poles or fire hydrants. Orange City Ordinances regulate the size, location, and time period political, real estate and yard sale signs may be displayed. Commercially motivated signs such as snipe signs (temporary signs or posters affixed to a pole, tree, structure, building, fence, etc.), temporary or the like are not permitted. Signs found in violation of the Sign Ordinance shall be removed without notice. In addition to the removal of the sign, the owner may be subject to a fine up to $500 per day.

I’ve made a complaint of junk and debris over a month ago. How long do I have to wait before something is done?

If a complaint is found to be in violation of a City Code, the unit staff will research and identify the property owner. The first step is to try to reach the property owner in person. If this step isn’t possible, or if the property is vacant, then a notice of violation may be sent by certified mail. The notice will provide a reasonable deadline when the property will be inspected for compliance.

I was issued a notice of violation, but I didn’t take corrective action by the deadline. What can happen?

A person found in violation of a City Ordinance is subject to monetary penalties and in severe cases, arrest. The fee schedule for civil citations (ticket) may range from a minimum $50 to a maximum $500 fine. The code enforcement hearing officer has the authority to issue daily fines up to $250 for the first violation and $500 for the second or subsequent violations. Irreversible violations of city ordinance may result in a $5000 fine for each violation. Unpaid fines may be placed as a lien against your real property.

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