Orange City Memorial Tree/Bench Program

For those interested in donating a park bench or tree in memory of a loved one, Orange City has the Memorial Tree/Bench Program.   A memorial bench or tree provides a special place of remembrance while improving the quality of life and making a long-lasting contribution to the beauty of our community.

Memorial Benches range in length from 4’-8’ with four different styles to choose from based on the park selected. Each bench includes installation, a personalized bronze remembrance plaque or etching to honor your loved one.

Memorial Trees you have a choice out of five trees to choose from, Live Oak, Magnolia, Cypress, Date Palm or Drake Elm. Next to the tree there will be an 8” x 6” personalized bronze remembrance plaque.

How it works:

  • Choose a Park from the list
  • Choose a tree species and/or a bench from the desired list
  • Choose Plaque size (if you choose to have a plaque)
  • Complete the application
  • Email the completed application to [email protected]

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