Curb Appeal Program

Orange City’s Curb Appeal Program acknowledges attractive, well maintained landscapes and the benefits they provide to our community. It is the goal of the Curb Appeal Program to identify and formally reward those property owners that demonstrate community pride and maintain their property as a beacon of higher standards that other property owners may aspire.


Nominations may be submitted by anyone, including the property owner, for both Residential and Commercial properties. Property that is visible from any public street, park or school can be nominated.

Awards Presented

One property in each category will be recognized with an Award. Certificates will be presented to Curb Appeal Program winners at a Council Meeting. Winners are also presented with a yard sign, which designates the property as an award winner, and a photo that is shared on the City’s website and social media outlets.  Additionally winners will receive a gift card from a local area business.


Winners will be selected on a quarterly basis by a panel consisting of one staff member from the City Manager’s Office, one staff member from Development Services and one member of Code Enforcement.


  1. The property will have no code violations
  2. All properties will be evaluated on the use of Design and Landscaping
    1. Use of color and texture
    2. Creativity
    3. Overall aesthetic appeal
    4. Compatibility structure and lot
    5. Water-wise species
  3. General Upkeep and Maintenance
    1. Healthy plants, neatly pruned and maintained
    2. Minimum weeds
    3. Litter free
  4. Architecture
    1. Hardscape elements
    2. Lighting
  5. Commercial/Business properties
    1. Signage
    2. Parking Areas
  6. Each Property will be limited to winning the award only once in any calendar year
  7. Areas that are viewed publicly will be considered
  8. Artificial plants will not be considered
  9. Judge decisions are final
  10. Properties must be located within the city limits of Orange City

To nominate a property for this program click here – Submission Form

Gallery of Past Winners

3Q 2023 - 363 Rose Ave.

3Q 2023 - 898 Saxon Blvd.

2Q 2023 - 200 N Oak Ave.

2Q 2023 - 1286 Saxon Blvd.

1Q 2023 - 627 E. Blue Springs Ave.

1Q 2023 - 125 W. Ohio Ave.

3Q 2022 - 373 E. Rose Ave.

3Q 2022 - 1501 S. Volusia Ave.

2Q 2022 - 320 E Graves Ave.

2Q 2022 - 999 S Volusia Ave.

1Q 2022 - 628 Sumner Ave.

1Q 2022 - 890 Shadick Dr.

4Q 2021 - 573 Swan Range Rd.

4Q 2021 - 1900 N Volusia Ave.

3Q 2021 - 194 N. Sparkman Ave.

3Q 2021 - 2210 S. Volusia Ave.

2Q 2021 - 570 Taylor Dr.

2Q 2021 - 101 Grand Plaza Dr.

1Q 2021 - 456 E. Oakwood Ave.

1Q 2021 - 1340 Saxon Blvd.

3Q 2020 - 246 N. Oak Ave

3Q 2020 - 746 N. Volusia Ave

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